11th September 2023

Section 78 Appeal by Cartwright Homes against the decision of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council to refuse planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of 29 No. one, two, three and four bedroom dwellings and 1 apartment block on Woodlands Lane, Bedworth
LPA REF: 38664
Planning Appeal ref: APP/W3710/W/23/3323587
The Applicant has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of the above planning application for ‘the demolition of existing buildings and erection 29 one, two, three and four bedroom dwellings and one apartment block’ and associated works (Appeal ref: APP/W3710/W/23/3323587).The Appellant is making a request to the Planning Inspectorate for the decision to be formed on the basis of amended plans and information.The details of the amended plans and information are set down below:


  • Dwg no: 82162 – 102 – P4 – Proposed Drainage Layout: The drainage plan has been updated with the correct Site Layout. The flood compensation swale has been relocated from the eastern boundary to the northern boundary (and replaces the attenuation pond). Additional rain gardens have replaced the eastern swale.

As a result of these changes the following technical plans have been updated:

  • Dwg no: 82162 – 103 – P3 – Drainage Construction Details
  • Dwg no: 82162 – 104 – P3 – Manhole & Pipe Schedule
  • Dwg no: 82162 – 106 – P1 – Section Through Swale, Slab and Attenuation Tank
  • Dwg no: 82162 – 110 – P2 – External Works Plan
  • Dwg no: 82162 – 112 – P2 – Surfacing Plan
  • Dwg no: 82162 – 113 – P2 – Surfacing Plan Construction Details

Landscape Strategy

  • Dwg no 7558.ASP3 Rev C Landscape Strategy: The attenuation pond located on the northern boundary of the Site has been replaced with a swale.

The Site Boundary Plan

The site boundary has been amended to include the blue line that indicates where the appellant has an interest in the land. The application site boundary (the red line) has not changed. This plan was submitted with the appeal, but for completeness has been included in this consultation.

  • Dwg no: 21 68 01a Location Plan with Blue Land

None of the above information changes the proposal by way of its layout or design.

If you have any comments on the amendments or additional information, please forward to me by email at debbie.jones@framptons-planning.com, or by letter to Framptons’ Banbury office (address at the foot of this letter).

Please submit any comments by Monday 2nd October 2023. All comments will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

If there are matters you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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