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About Us


Our focus is to achieve planning permission.

Our wealth of experience lies in dealing with contentious and complex planning matters. We drive projects forward and provide leadership to the planning process, coordinate the wide range of specialist disciplines within the planning team and undertake direct access to the planning bar.

Framptons provide advice to clients faced with enforcement notices from planning authorities. We have considerable experience in the presentation of applications at public meetings, public exhibitions and in the engagement of the public within the planning process.

We employ media consultants to engage with members of the public via social media platforms.

We provide planning consultancy to multi-national corporations, volume house builders, major landowners, local authorities, government bodies and individuals.

The Team

At Framptons we provide quality planning advice through the delivery of a comprehensive planning service. A planning team is assigned to each major project, which produces a highly focused response to client requirements. This approach assures our clients of dedication and commitment to the promotion process and to the ultimate goal of obtaining planning permission.

Louise Steele

Planning Director

Mitchell Barnes

Associate Director

William Whitelock

Associate Planner

Oliver Browning

Graduate Planner

Martha Fraser

Planning Assistant