Land adjoining Odd Down, Bath, known as Sulis Down

11th February 2022

Framptons Town Planning Ltd, on behalf of The Hignett Family Trust, is holding an on-line Public Consultation for Phases 3 and 4 of the residential development known as Sulis Down.


Phases 3 and 4 form part of the ‘Land adjoining Odd Down, Bath’, identified in the Bath and North East Somerset Core Strategy as a Strategic Site Allocation to assist in meeting the district’s housing need. The strategic site is allocated for a residential led mixed-use development under Planning Policy B3a.


Phases 3 and 4 consists of, up to 300 homes, including up to 120 affordable homes and associated infrastructure with a new access through the grounds of Sulis Manor linking to the spine road approved in Phase 1. The Hignett Family Trust is currently engaging with the Planning Team of Bath and North East Somerset Council on the scheme design. Following these discussions and feedback from the Public Consultation, a hybrid planning application will be submitted to the Council, with full details for the access road, and outline details for Phases 3 and 4.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Public Consultation will be on-line and will run from the 11th February 2022 to the 25th February 2022. The Public Consultation information boards can be accessed through the link to the right.


We welcome your feedback on these proposals; please take the opportunity to complete one of our comment forms. You can do this by clicking ‘Submit Comments’. Alternatively, you can download and print the comments form and freepost address label.