4th December 2023

Novelis welcome you to this exhibition taking place on Monday 4th December 2023 to explain proposals at the Latchford Locks Works, which have been submitted (but not registered) to Warrington Borough Council as an application for full planning permission.

The proposals have been designed to enhance productivity, and to achieve greater energy efficiency in the recycling of used beverage cans (UBC).

The proposals comprise 3 main components:

(1) The provision of a new Dross Processing Building (Dross is a by-product of the aluminium smelting process).

(2) The replacement and repositioning of the baghouses (the plant which extracts dust and particulates from the recovery process) to the east side of the new extension (further from the existing housing to the west of the Latchford Locks Works.

(3) An extension to the existing UBC building.


You can view the boards by clicking the button to the right. You can also submit comments online.